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    is persistent

    Sometimes it is necessary to dig deeper and deeper in order to get to the root of a problem. Regardless of whether it is of a technical, organizational or political nature.

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    loves tricky situations

    Banging our head against the wall? Not the way we tackle challenges. One step forward, two steps back? Sometimes unavoidable. No matter how complex things are, we will guide you and your project carefully to your destination.

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    loves networking

    Asking the right questions is the key to success. Provided you ask an expert. We believe the real experts are your own employees. After all, who better knows your company? For that reason we work closely together with you and your in-house experts, multipliers and other project leaders from the start.

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    share our knowledge

    We don’t sit on our expertise and knowledge. That’s why we keep shared records of everything we do with and for you. Report generators, issue tracking, wikis ... Whatever it takes.

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    is lazy

    Sorry, we really are. So, we automate everything! Scripts for the creation of documentation, scripts for application monitoring, scripts for data migrations and even scripts for the coffee machine.
    Our goal: Intelligent solutions that almost never require your attention.

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    counts every penny

    Today the market provides attractive solutions for almost everything. So why would you want to reinvent the wheel, if you can buy an already existing solution at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to develop from scratch? Doesn’t quite fit? Can happen, but for that you've got useblocks.

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    We do a lot of things differently, simply because it makes sense. So if you need a turnkey solution, trust useblocks.

    Of course we can also offer that standard consulting business: Complicated, horrendously expensive and in the worst case even useless solutions. But is that what you really want?



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useblocks is a strongly solution oriented Munich based consulting expert in the automotive and system engineering area. We take on all types of projects and your challenges become our challenges. Our goal is always to deliver turnkey solutions.

But be prepared: We never give up until things are perfect.

We are in the most positive way “obsessed” to find the perfect solution. Thus we will not stop asking questions until all uncertainties and contradictions are clarified.

And of course, we will not only ask the right questions, but also provide the appropriate answers - even if this goes beyond our contract.
Why? Because we love what we do and what we do makes our customers and thereby useblocks more successful.

Our Engineers? Idealists with both feet on the ground!

Our engineers are experts, eager to learn and driven by their desire for perfection, efficiency and improvement.

With continuous education and an innovative work approach, Automotive and System Engineering has become an area of special expertise for every single member of the useblocks team.

On top, useblocks organizes regular company events and in-house workshops for external interest communities. In other words: Whatever the challenge - we are ready!


We are prepared to meet/exceed your expectations

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